Like the web itself, Druid is multidimensional. Our programmers and software designers have broad knowledge and experience in document and image databases built on top level commercial platforms such as Oracle®, Sybase, and INFORMIX®. We have in-depth expertise on typical Internet server platforms including Novell®, UNIX®, and Windows NT®. Druid combines a range of technical skills and other capabilities necessary to respond to the demands of large corporate entities (supporting AT&T® and NCR on commercial application of emerging technology) with an understanding of the networking needs of small business and workgroups.

Because it takes more than experience and skill in traditional technical areas to create an accessible and appealing web presence, Druid’s staff includes talented graphic designers, alive to the aesthetic possibilities of electronic information sites. They work as part of a team to develop user interfaces for the Internet that are elegant, clear and easy to use.

Druid Partners has worked together via the Internet for three years. Among projects currently in progress at Druid is a major automaker's implementation of a prototype engine information warehouse that will be accessible to their community worldwide via an intranet (a private Internet). The information warehouse web is the latest phase in a Druid engineered and implemented gentle evolution within the plant from a paper-based engine manufacturing measurement and inspection information system to a fail-safe electronic one. It offers ease of use and makes it possible for mechanics, inspectors, and engineers to gracefully integrate design changes and manufacturing process changes at their prototype engine and prototype manufacturing process facility.


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