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Creating a Web Presence

Corporate presence with a future

Druid Partners designed an initial web presence for a research institute. The design allows the web to be developed over time into a channel for selling and distributing the institute’s publications. Many subtle factors went into this design to provide for subscription access and security. E-mail and web-based access to the institute and correspondence with its distinguished staff are facilitated in a manner that is both orderly and archived. Druid’s site design and development process is directed toward achieving consensus within the organization regarding both the site’s design and its range of functions. The design develops a modular, phased approach to implementation. Druid is sensitive to the requirement that change be implemented in increments that have a limited impact on the corporate community. Druid Partners will support a long term arrangement for maintenance and for growth of web capabilities.

Creating a web site to answer the specific needs of an organization, both for a site that suits its corporate mission and style and for a gradual implementation that is not stressful or disruptive, requires Druid to call upon a range of skills, from the creation of professional graphics to developing strategies for secure commerce to building image databases. Working closely with a client, the Druid team can design solutions targeted precisely to needs.

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