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Saul Krasny

Saul Krasny is a systems architect and master of emerging technologies. His over 50 years in the field have encompassed a broad spectrum of activities ranging from missile tracking to claims processing. He is experienced in plant automation, nationwide messaging, telecom provisioning systems, commercial time sharing, operating systems, computer product line design and implementation, retail, banking, and electronic paper/workflow systems. Mr. Krasny began at Bell Labs in 1965 and formed his own company in 1972. In the ensuing years he accepted many consulting assignments back at the Labs and at Bellcore, G.E., Honeywell, and others. He later shifted his focus to serving as chief scientist for hi-tech startups while continuing to work for AT&T and NCR in making emerging technologies commercially successful. He is expert in overall systems architecture, database design and construction, and telecom, as well as other highly technical programming areas.

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