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Druid addressed the changing nature of mechanical engineering strategies at a major automaker. The company was shifting its engineering strategy from a "fix the weakest part" approach to one that focused on "comparative durability." Druid automated the capture of inspection and assembly data at the company’s engine prototype-and-teardown plant, constructing electronic and software interfaces to retrieve data directly from sophisticated measuring instruments. Druid integrated this with, then replaced, a paper system which was not appropriate to a comparative durability approach. Druid put in place an ExcelTM / Oracle® solution, integral with plant workflow, that operates whether or not the network is up and provides "wear based" data reduction with drill down to underlying detail. The Druid solution presents the results to the entire engineering community and can be changed and extended as needed by mechanical engineers, mechanics, machinists, and inspectors. This system, which also laid the foundation for ISO compliance, is being propagated throughout the company’s other engineering / prototype operations.

Choosing the right technology and putting it in the hands of the people who will use it changes the way work gets done. For Druid, understanding a company’s mission and how it uses information is the first step. By combining an understanding of desired information flow with a knowledge of the capabilities of available technology, Druid is able to forge optimal solutions.

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