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Michael Rossoni

Michael Rossoni has over 15 years experience in systems whose components are simultaneously distributed among elements as diverse as embbedded firmware all the way to IT-as-a-service distributed cloud computing.

Coming from a background in sophisticated electrical engineering and a leading participant in the industry's architectural shifts to distributing work on ever more powerful and numerous elements (e.g. whole systems on a single chip, collections of virtual machines in the cloud) has made Michael a critical resource for finding the best ways to create manageable, extremely efficiently implemented, appropriately distributed, and well behaved systems.

He is an expert in transitioning to and from cloud based mechanisms without fragmenting or losing a sense pf mission. He has gained this overall expertise through hs experience retrofitting modern security to insecure systems and to their development cycles. He has automated security testing and QA at every level: firmware, network, cloud, maintenance and software development lifecycle (software management, code review, testing, etc). He has several specific, industry leading, security certifications.

Michael is our lead guy on custom hardware, Iot, security, and inter element communications, and a key player on architecture.

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